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જય જય ગરવી ગુજરાત.

Gujarat draws its name from the Gurjara (supposedly a subtribe of the Huns), who ruled the area during the 8th and 9th centuries CE. The state assumed its present form in 1960, when the former Bombay state was divided between Maharashtra and Gujarat on the basis of language. Area 75,685 square miles (196,024 square km).

About Us

The earliest Gujarati immigrants to Saskatchewan came in 1958. Prior to 1973, approximately a dozen Gujarati families celebrated Gujarati festivals at a private residence. The Samaj was formally established on February 23, 1974. It was incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Saskatchewan on September 26, 1977. Since January 1, 1987 it has been registered as a charitable and non-profit organization.

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